Mike’s Blog in English 5/18/11

Hello to all.

I don’t if it is easier or harder to write a blog in English than in Japanese. In Japanese, I am troubled because I cannot express all of my thoughts the way that I particularly want to. But, it is easier for me because I am very crafty with the words that I do know. I think this is an important part of anything, not just language. Get the basics, get to know them well, and then learn new basics to travel away from. Then, after a while, your basics will be rather complex.

This is how the business seems to be going at the same time. The students are building their reading and speaking skills while we are building our communication and teaching skills. There is always a moment when I stop to think about how I can think like a child while they are trying to think like an adult. They are trying to understand something they can’t understand while I am trying to engage myself in the process of learning something I now understand, but couldn’t understand at one point.

This is a tricky balance, and I have found that I have been viewing this the wrong way. Why should I look at something that I have achieved some sense of mastery doing? If I want to be in tune with the direction they need, I should be looking at something that I have not succeeded at. Maintaining a bit of buoyancy within these struggles allows us to create, expand, and have space for a some nice introspective “me” time. Having questions and being curious, after all, requires us to admit that we do not know everything. This is easy for a child, but as we get older, there is shame in admitting we don’t know things.

Our students do not have a hard time admitting mistakes. They have even less trouble pointing out our mistakes. Maiko and I are learning, and making mistakes all of the time. But, collectively, we are all learning together. So much for simply teaching English lessons online.

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