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I suppose that since we are teaching English lessons that I ought to write some of these blogs in English. Increasingly, my friends and colleagues are checking out redcupenglish.com. This is encouraging to me because I am beginning to see a connection within a global community. Teaching tends to be viewed as something that is done in one’s local town, county, state, or country.

I suppose teaching didn’t become all that interesting to me until I started teaching people from other places. I am beginning to see this as a recurring trend when I look at the career paths that the people around me are pursuing. I see people doing things in Quebec, Japan, Cambodia, Australia, England, and the list goes on. Stepping outside of where we grew up is teaching us as we teach those are who still growing up in their hometown.

So, here it to technology, as you have finally won my heart. Facebook, as stupid as it usually is, is allowing me to see all of the good in myself and the people around me. That IS something I am thankful for.


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